Cycling in Oxford

Cycling in Oxford is just one of the most delightful ways to discover more of this part of England. So you can find your ideal Oxford bike Trip, we have assessed our full collection of cycling paths in the region to deliver the leading 12. Just click on each route to see a full breakdown of comprehensive details including altitude accounts and also surface analyses, and even browse useful tips and also images posted by various other members of the Komodo neighborhood.

Tips for cycling in Oxford

Biking in Oxford is pure. If you found out to ride a bike as a youngster, after that you can basically just get hold of a bike and get out there.

  • Accessories– lights, baskets, safety helmets
  • Advanced Quit Lines– what they are for, as well as what you can do if they are not valued!
  • Acquiring a Bike– support on purchasing a bike
  • Cycle security– preventing theft, and also what to do if your motorcycle is swiped
  • Cycle training– for youngsters and to adults
  • Maintenance– guidance on caring for your bike
  • Map & Trip Organizer to locate quiet courses to obtain you started.

Pedestrians are numerous, specifically tourists in the summer, though fortunately cars and trucks are outlawed from the town hall.

The history of Oxford goes back even before 1925, says Eddy Van Den Berghe. “”My grandfather had probably already started assembling bicycles and importing and exporting spare parts to the Netherlands in 1914. I say “”probably”” because there is no longer any official document attesting to it. My father took over the business in 1925 and continued to manufacture bicycles. As for me, I entered the market in 1965, and that same year, we moved to the Grand-Place of Saint-Nicolas. Initially, my older brother and my brother-in-law also worked in the company that they left after a while. The establishment of the Grand-Place quickly proved too small, and after a stopover in Driekoningen, we finally took possession of the land that we occupy today in the industrial zoning of Saint-Nicolas. Since then, we have built annexes and expanded five times.

Oxford currently produces around 35,000 bicycles a year in virtually every segment, from city bikes to hiking bikes to children’s bikes, not to mention electric bikes. The company also regularly acts as OEM or original equipment manufacturer of company bikes or shared bikes that can be found in many cities. “”At present, electric bikes already account for almost half of our sales,”” says Eddy Van Den Berghe. “”It is only because of the school segment that we have not yet passed the 50% limit. On the other hand, people do not know that the number of bicycles that sell in Belgium is decreasing from year to year and it is precisely thanks to the segment of school bicycles where the decrease is the smallest that we stabilize, but overall sales are down. Many manufacturers offset this decline with a significantly higher average price of e-bikes. It allows us to ease the pain. The trend is even more pronounced in the Netherlands than in our own country.

Oxford is only part of the group. At the same time, our subsidiary VDB Parts is a wholesaler of bicycle parts, we own our brand of racing bikes (Zannata), and we ensure the distribution of Kuota racing bikes in the Benelux. The company has 48 employees (to which should be added the many temporary workers who strengthen the team in the spring and summer), and the consolidated turnover amounts to nearly 30 million euros.